Урок по теме "Развитие монологической речи". 3-й класс, английский язык

Разделы: Иностранные языки

Цели урока:

  • Образовательная - развитие умения монологического высказывания;
  • Развивающая – познакомиться с английской народной сказкой и сравнить её с русской сказкой “Теремок”;
  • Воспитательная – воспитывать уважительное отношение к культуре страны изучаемого языка


  • компьютер,
  • мультимедийный проектор,
  • диск с презентацией.

1. Приветствие и организационный момент

Good morning, children! I’m glad to see you. How are you?

What season is it now? Do you like autumn? What month is it now?

What is the date today? What day is it today?

What is the weather like today? Is the sun shining? Is it raining?

Is the wind blowing? What colour is the sky? Is it cold?

2. Сообщение темы и цели урока

Today we are going to speak about the English fairy tale “Puff-the-Ball wants to have friends”

3. Проверка домашнего задания

Your home task was to read this fairy tale at home, wasn’t it?

Did you read the fairy tale? Did you like it?

Let’s read it!

4. Развитие монологической речи.


Now let’s speak about this fairy tale! (слайд 1)

1) Can you tell me the names of the main characters?

Who is it? (слайд 2)

2) So has Puff-the-Ball got friends?

But does he want to have friends?

What happens one day? Where does he go? Does he go out to look for friends? (слайд 3)

3) Whom does he see at first? Then? After that? At last? (слайд 4)

4) So at first Puff-the-Ball sees a Cat. What is her name?

Does she want to be his friend?

Then the friends see ….. . What is his name? Does he want to be their friend?

Whom do the friends see after that? What is his name? Does he want to be their friend, too?

And at last? Whom do the friends see at last? What is her name? Does she want to be their friend, too?

(слайды 6 – 8)

5) What do the friends see then? Is the house big or little? Is the house nice?

What are the friends doing now? Are they living in the house now? Are they happy? (слайд 9)

6) So we have made the fairy tale short. Can you read it now?

(слайды 10-11)

7) Now pay attention to the pronouns!

  • He – his
  • She – her
  • They – their (слайд 12)

8) So I have got my friends.

  • You – your friends
  • He – his friends
  • She – her friends
  • We – our friends
  • They – their friends (слайд 13)

9) Pussy-the-Cat wants to be …… ( his) friend. (Puff-the-Ball)

And Puff-the-Ball wants to be …….. (her) friend. (Pussy-the-Cat)

Rex-the-Dog wants to be ……. (their) friend. (Puff-the-Ball and Pussy-the Cat) (слайд 14)

10) Now pay attention to the verbs. Some of them have the letter “s”, some not. Who likes the letter “s”? (he, she, it) (слайд 15)

11) Puff-the-Ball (he) hasn’t ……

He wants ……

He goes out ……

Pussy-the-Cat (she) wants ….

She sees ….

The house (it) is …..


The friends (they) see ……

They want …..

They are …… (слайд 16)

12) And what tense is it? “Now they are living in the house.”

(Present Continuous) Prove it! (слайд 17)

13) Now choose the right verb! (слайды 18 – 23)

14) And now choose the right ending! (слайды 24 – 31)

15) And now try to retell the fairy tale. (слайды 32 – 38)

5. Do you remember a Russian fairy tale about a nice little house and a lot of animals there? (“Теремок”)

6. Итог урока и домашнее задание.

We have spoken about English and Russian fairy tales today. I hope you like these tales. Your home task is to retell the fairy tale “Puff-the-Ball”. Thank you for your work. The lesson is over. Good-bye, children.